This is a student project by Katie Moses, Vikki Brown, and Ana Love.  Given 3 random prompts, memorization, deterioration, and zero-player games, we designed and developed this prototype over a two-week period.

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Authorsanarlove, Katie Moses
Made withUnity


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Undoubtedly, a unique and awesome game. Loved playing it. The concept of this game is really great! However, it is a bit hard to understand, so, a small quick tutorial would be a great fit at the start. Apart from that is there any sort of story? and what about the player progression? The gameplay itself is quite good, however, you can allow players to make paths using the arrow keys or by mouse. This would create more precise controls. And also, consider ramping up the difficulty slowly, for now, you can start with a simple level with just one or two self and then increase it linearly as the level progresses.